What We Are

The America Japan Society (AJS, a general incorporated association) was founded by the US and Japanese intellectual individuals in 1917 when the international environment was still tumultuous. AJS is one of the oldest Japanese private entities for interactive activities between Japan and US. Since its establishment during the past century, in order to forge a better Japan-US relationship, wishing peace and stability for Japan-US relations as well as for the world, the Society has been pursuing activities for educational/cultural interchange, human and intellectual exchange with mutual respect for history, culture, common practice and the traditional identity of the respective nations.

Getting into the next new century, in order to inherit the Society's mission and vision, we will explicate more diversified and attractive activities that correspond to the demands of the times so that the younger generations bearing responsibilities for Japan-US relations should recognize and inherit the importance of the relationship of the two countries.

  • Lectures and dialogues by well-known speakers on timely issues
  • Symposium/forum about Japan-US history and common issues between the two nations
  • International Symposium of America-Japan Societies alternately held every two years in US and Japan
  • New year party at U.S. Ambassador's residence
  • America Study Grant Program on research and study about USA for Japanese graduate students (supported by US Embassy)
  • Visits to U.S. military bases at Yokosuka and Yokota
  • Horse race viewing at the VIP room at Tokyo Racecourse in Fuchu
  • Golf outing (three times a year)
  • Casual "Brown Bag" lunch meeting at AJS office
  • Social gathering (Happy Hour) at AJS office