The 5th Meeting of The Next Generation’s Round- table in Tokyo 2021-2022

p>On March 30th, 2022, the fifth Session of the Next Generation Roundtable in Tokyo (NGRT) was held at the Roppongi Hills Club. At this time, Ms. Christiana Ahmadjian who has been consecutively a professor of Hitotsubashi University and an external director of some prominent companies such as Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, and is to assume a professor of Rikkyo University as of April, was invited to be a speaker on the theme for diversity, discussing what diversity means and its relationship with innovation.

Although the concept of “diversity” is attracting attention in society and being promoted in education and business these days, it is said the definition is vague and hence it is controversial whether simply increasing the number of foreigners and women can diversify the society. Discussing these issues has stimulated the participants for deepening their recognition for diversity.