Job Roundtable – Mr. Jun Nagashima, former Lieutenant General of Air Self-Defense Force-

On July 7, 2022, the Job Roundtable was held online for the student members of the America-Japan Society. The guest speaker was Mr. Jun Nagashima, Lieutenant General of Air Self-Defense Force, who also served as Defense Attaché of Embassy of Japan in Belgium, Councilor, Cabinet Secretariat and Councilor of National Security Secretariat,.
Mr. Nagashima gave a lecture on the security issue in the age of fusion of real and virtual space and how to advance one’s career. We learned about the importance of freely imagining the world and our future, of getting a broad range of knowledge, not limited to our own specialized field, and of working in solidarity with people from various fields. During the question-and-answer session, students asked a variety of questions about how to take chances, how to adapt to different organizational cultures, and about the information warfare. It was a valuable opportunity to deepen the interest in the security issue and to reconsider the complacent visions.