AJS Salon No.3 “It`s time to reconsider what the Olympic/Paralympic Games should be.” – I want to pass the legacy of the Tokyo Olympic Games in 1964. –

The AJS has launched a new online program called “AJS Salon” in which members from different backgrounds and age groups can share their experience and expertise, and interact and connect to each other since the beginning of 2021.

The third Salon was held on May 21st, featuring Ms. Akiko Kuno, Vice President of the AJS. After graduating from Keio University, Ms. Kuno was engaged in the preparatory arrangements as a member of the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee in 1964 and assigned as Executive Director of the AJS, followed by the present assignment.

She vividly depicted the situation about the Olympic Games in 1964 with a number of photos and true stories, which surely made most of the participants recall the beacon of the era on the rise after the defeat of the war. In the meantime we are facing the second Olympic Games in Tokyo under the unprecedented pandemic while we have gone through vast and drastic changes of the world and the Games themselves over decades. Such a huge gap inevitably forced us to reconsider the significance of the Olympic Games after all those 57 year.






Speaker Profile: Ms. Akiko Kuno, Vice President of the AJS

Graduate of Keio University Worked for the 1964 Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee, President of the College Women’s Association of Japan (CWAJ), Executive Director (1993~2006) and Vice President of the America-Japan Society, Inc.(2011~ )