AJS Online Session for Students: “-Interview with Mr. Akio Kawabata, Advisor to Accenture K.K. “

On Tuesday, November 30, we invited Mr. Akio Kawabata, Advisor to Accenture K.K. and Councilor of the America-Japan Society, as our guest speaker and held an online session for the student members of the America-Japan Society on the theme of “Job Roundtable”.


Mr. Kawabata started his career as an engineer at Toshiba Corporation and later served as president of local subsidiaries in the UK, Germany, and Singapore. He is now retired from Toshiba and works as an advisor to Accenture and an auditor for an IT-related venture company. Mr. Kawabata, who has had such a unique career, talked about his experience studying at Stanford University in the U.S., which led him to switch his field from engineering to marketing, the semiconductor business which continued to be his main career, the secret to success as an IT consultant, and the success factors of venture businesses from the perspective of a corporate auditor. Participants actively asked questions about the careers of women and the prospects of the semiconductor business and so on, and the lecturer answered them in detail. It was a very valuable opportunity for the students to think about their careers.