7th Meeting of The Next Generation’s Round table in Tokyo 2020-2021

The 7th meeting of the Next Generation Round table in Tokyo (NGRT) was held online on May 31, 2021. We invited Mr. Kentaro Fujimoto, Director, First North America Division, North American Affairs Bureau (MOFA) with the theme of “The Japan-US summit and the cooperation for a Free and Open Indo-Pacific”. It was really an excellent opportunity for all of the participants to have a listen to the opinion and thoughts of the key person who administrates the diplomacy of Japan regarding the security issue in Indo-Pacific region which seems to start changing with the advent of the new US administration. Encouraged by his insightful opening remarks, we have fully deepened the discussion on the issue both imminent and crucial for those who live in the region.


20210531_NGRT #7 Mr.Fujimoto