2021-2022 The second term of the US-Japan Virtual Discussion Group (VDG)

The second term of the US-Japan Virtual Discussion Group (VDG) was held from February 2022 to April 2022. The US-Japan Virtual Discussion Group (VDG) is a student-led online exchange program, initiated by the America-Japan Society of Tokyo, in collaborations with Japan Society of Boston, Japan-America Society of Central Ohio, Japan America Society of Chicago, Japan America Society of Colorado, and Japan America Society of Northern California.

During the period, once a month, members broke into small teams to discuss various topics facing the US and Japan. This year, the participants discussed the “Sustainable Development Goals,” as well as politics, diplomacy, industry, technology, and culture related to Japan and the U.S. They were able to learn and gain new insights from each other. In addition, a quiz competition was held at the final meeting, which provided an opportunity for students from Japan and the U.S. to strengthen the bond.

We hope that this program will further develop into a new way of exchange between the U.S. and Japan in the future.