The 4th Kaneko Awards 2022 Call for Nominations

The America-Japan Society established “The AJS Kentaro Kaneko Awards” on the occasion of our centennial anniversary in 2017. The awards are named after Kentaro Kaneko, the first president of the AJS. The awards are presented to individuals who have significantly contributed to the promotion of US-Japan mutual understanding and friendship through their academic, artistic, or cultural activities at the grass-root level.

Although we had decided not to make the selection in FY2020 regardless of the impact of COVID-19 and only invited the entries in FY2021, we have decided to conduct the fourth year of Kaneko Awards in 2022. While the award ceremony has been held in the past with the cooperation of the AJS members, the National Association of America-Japan Societies (NAAJS) and the National Association of Japan-America Societies (NAJAS), the ceremony will not be held at this year. The recipients of the Awards will receive a plaque with a relief of Kentaro Kaneko as the main prize and a grant as a supplementary prize.

We look forward to receiving your nominations.



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> 2022_4th Kaneko Awards_【announcement】

> 2022_4th Kaneko Awards_【Nomination Form】(PDF)

> 2022_4th Kaneko Awards【Nomination Form】(Excel)



Selection Committee

Kunihiko Saito(Chairperson)  Former Ambassador of Japan to the US
Yuzaburo Mogi  Honorary Chairman of Kikkoman Inc.
Yoji Ohashi  Corporate Counsellor, All Nippon Airway Holdings Inc.
Christopher LaFleur  Vice President of AJS
Hiroko Kuniya  Former NHK TV caster
Fumiaki Kubo  President of National Defense Academy
Ichiro Fujisaki  President of AJS




****** The 4th Kaneko Awards 2022 ******




Eligible Candidates

Candidates must be an individual who has contributed to our bilateral relations at the grass-root level in areas including cultural exchanges, exchange of students, homestays, or other volunteer activities and those who contributed in education and other non-profit activities to promote understanding between two countries. It is not intended to award people who have served or are serving in high leadership positions and have already been recognized. Self-nominations will not be considered.




One Japanese and one American will each receive a plaque and a grant as a supplementary award. (The provision of round-trip tickets, which has been awarded as a supplementary prize, will be canceled due to the COVID-19.)





Members of the AJS, local societies in Japan and US, Americans living in Japan, and other Japan-America related organizations that have been requested by the AJS are eligible to nominate. Applications that applied for the third round in 2019 and the subsequent selection in 2021 will be included in the 4th year’s selection process without further refreshed submission.



Nomination Process

  • Number of nominations: one by each nominator.
  • Fill in the nomination form completely and provide as much details as possible. Please attach supporting documentation to your nomination form.
  • Please submit the completed nomination form via email or by post. Please note that submitted materials will not be returned.




All nominations are due by March 31(Tue), 2022.

> 2022_4th Kaneko Awards Nomination Form(PDF)


Selection Process


The Selection Committees will select the recipients by the end of July. The results will be officially announced in Fall.

& Contact



The America-Japan Society, Inc.
1-11-28, Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0052 Japan
Fax:81-3- 3588-6355




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