“Tani Shizuko Education Fund”

At the Board of Directors’ Meeting and General Meeting held on 13 July this year, we reported on the demise of our council member, Ms. Shizuko Tani, who passed away in December 2020.

In her last will and testament, Ms. Tani left a bequest for the AJS to enhance the international

education, and we are pleased to report that the executor of her estate, a lawyer, has now transferred 10 million yen.

Ms. Tani joined the Japan-America Society in 1978 and has served as a council member since 1986.

We would like to thank her for her many contributions to the activities of the Society over the years. We will set up a new account under the name of the “Tani Shizuko Education Fund” to use the bequest for future-oriented projects, such as the education of young people who will contribute to furthering relations between Japan and the United States. We would like to inform you that we will use this fund carefully and report appropriately to the Board of Directors and the General Assembly.


Thank you very much.




Ichiro Fujisaki, President

The America-Japan Society, Inc.