Eulogy for Honorary President Shinzo Abe by President Fujisaki

Our Honorary President Mr. Shinzo Abe was shot on the 8th of July and lost his life. Of course, such a thing should never have happened.

He was the longest serving Prime Minister in the history of Japan. As Prime Minister, he strengthened Japan-US relations through national security legislation and the Free and Open Indo-Pacific strategy. He was one of the greatest leaders in our postwar history. I have known him personally since when he was the private secretary to his father, Mr. Shintaro Abe, Foreign Minister.
Prime Minister and Mrs. Abe attended our centennial ceremony in 2017, where he gave remarks. We showed a short film on the history of our Society the conclusion of which cited Prime Minister Abe’s words “alliance of hope” from his earlier speech to the US Congress. Right after his resignation, we asked him to be our Honorary President and he willingly accepted. We filmed messages to our members. Our 17 interns visited him and individually asked questions.

Recently, on June 1st, he appeared at the podium of our seminar with Ambassador Emanuel, who also assumed the post of Honorary President. Both of them made strong remarks and engaged in a Q&A session. Answers were clear and to the point.
We all miss this shining star. May his soul rest peacefully in heaven.


Ichiro Fujisaki
President, The America-Japan Society Inc.






会長 藤崎一郎