Eulogy for Ambassador Kunihiko Saito by President Fujisaki

Ambassador Kunihiko Saito passed away on July the 4th. He held such posts as Director General of the Treaties Bureau, Ambassador to Iran, Deputy Foreign Minister, Vice Foreign Minister and Ambassador to the United States.
While he was Ambassador to the US, I was fortunate enough to work as Political Minister in our Washington Embassy under him. I often sat in on his meetings with high officials such as Vice President Al Gore, Secretaries Madelaine Albright and William Perry. Mr. Saito was all the time so natural, calm but clear and decisive. I sat next to him and was truly impressed. He was always rational, refined, warm and down to earth. A true role model for younger diplomats. He was popular among Washingtonians. He played tennis with Alan Greenspan, then FRB chairman and the Saito couple played duet piano. Everyone was charmed by the Ambassador who was good looking and had a good sense of dry humor.
When appointed Japanese Ambassador to the US, nearly 10years after he left the office, I thought I was lucky to have served under him and thus receive excellent training. When I met challenges, I was able to think how Ambassador Saito would have thought or would have done. I was almost hearing his voice saying “ Stay calm, it’s not such a big deal anyway.”
In the America -Japan Society, he willingly accepted the chairmanship of Kaneko Kentaro Award created on the occasion of the centennial of the Society.
We all hope that his soul rests peacefully in the heaven.


Ichiro Fujisaki
President, The America-Japan Society Inc.






会長 藤崎一郎