20 years anniversary of 9.11

Twenty years ago, a horrible terrorist attack occurred.
It was 9.11. We, the America-Japan Society(AJS), would like to pray again for those who lost their lives in this tragic incident and for their bereaved families.
The AJS hosted a memorial service with the Government of Japan at Tokyo Big Sight two weeks after the incident.
The President of the AJS at the time, the late Ambassador Okawara, took the initiative.
During the Obama Administration, Osama Bin Laden was eliminated. But after 20 years, the fight with terrorism still continues.
After the US retreat from Afghanistan, we strongly hope that we will not have to see more terrorist attacks spread around the world.
Twenty years ago, I was the director general for the North American Affairs Bureau of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
I remember accompanying Prime Minister Koizumi on his visit to New York 10 days after9.11 on the occasion of the UN General Assembly.
The Prime Minister’s meeting with President Bush, the visit to the ground zero site, and meeting the Japanese bereaved family members were all very moving and are still vivid in my mind.


Ichiro Fujisaki, President




会長 藤崎一郎