Visit & Study Japan Grant Program 2019

On September 26th, 2019, the briefing session of Visit & Study Japan Grant Program (VSJ) was held at AJS office. Mr. Evan T. Koike, the recipient, majors in anthropology in the University of British Columbia.

The theme of his study is “Raising Smiling Fathers: The Construction of Masculinity in Japan.”  He reported us about the background, research method, activities in Japan, research findings etc.  The contents, how to deal with the predicament with Japan was suffered from the collapse of “Bubble Economy” in early 1990’s, particularly focusing on childcare, were enthusiastically explained.  After the explanation, a lot of questions were asked to Mr. Koike in the Q&A session.  Since this session provided new perspectives, participants’ understandings seemed deepened.

We were impressed through the pictures shown in the presentation expressing that his study in Japan at this time would have really substantiated his thoughts.