The Second Kaneko Award Ceremony

On October 24th, the second Kaneko Award Ceremony was held at International House of Japan. After congratulatory remarks from President Fujisaki, Dr. South-Paul, who contributed to exchanges between Pittsburg and Fukuoka in the field of nursing and medicine, and Mr. Hasai, who united Hawaii and Hiroshima through baseball, received the award from selection committee membersMr. Saito, Mr. Ohashi and Ms. Kuniya. After photo slides to introduce them, the two winners told moving stories about their experiences and their will to make further contribution for the US-Japan relationship. Then Ms. Glassman, Minister-Counselor Public Affairs of the US Embassy gave a speech on Japan-US youth exchanges. After the ceremony, reception was held. Following selection committee member Mr. Mogi’s toast participants enjoyed meeting each other over meal.


Recipients: Dr.Jeannette E.South-Paul.

(Recommended by Japan-America Society of Pennsylvania for her long time

contribution in home medicine field between US and Japan )

Mr. Hiromi Hasai

(Recommended by America-Japan Society of Hiroshima.

He promotes students baseball exchanges between Hawaii and Hiroshima)