The First Kaneko Award Ceremony

The very first awarding ceremony of the Kaneko Award established this year in commemoration of the centennial of America-Japan Society. This is to recognize those individuals who contributed many years to enhance our bilateral relations at grassroots level.

Awardees are as follows: Mr. Yabuzoe, a high school teacher, who accepted foreign students at his home for over 40 years, Ms. Tsuchiya, a Japanese American, who worked many years in LA to cement relations between the two countries(she was represented by her nephew Mr. Ino) and Mr. Price , an art collector, who brought Ito Jyakuchu’s work to Tohoku area to cheer people up soon after the Great disaster of March 2011. Sitting in the front row are recipients and standing in the back row are members of the selection committee(Ambassador Saito, Honorary Chairman of Kikkoman Mr. Mogi, Senior advisor of ANA holdings Mr.Ohashi, Ambassador Lafleur, President of ACCJ, Ms. Hiroko Kuniya, news caster and AJS President Fujisaki.)


Japan Times (10/21/2017) : URL / PDF