The America-Japan Society Inc. held its 82nd Ordinary General Meeting and the reception at International House of Japan. At the meeting, we reviewed the activities of last year together with the financial report, the next fiscal year’s budget and officers’ reappointment. All planned agendas were approved. Next to this, President Mr. Fujisaki announced four new programs commemorating centennial and the current situation of its donation, which already reached to the target.

Among the 74 members who newly joined the America- Japan Society this year, 15 new members participated and gave greetings at the reception after the General meeting. We were able to deepen friendship among our members.

After the reception, the photo albums of the 100th anniversary ceremony were given to the participants. The members went home with a remarkable history of the society and with the glorious prospect.

As we have continued to play an active role of the front runner among private-sectors exchanging friendship between Japan and the United States for the past 100 years, the Japan-America Society continues to work with its members to keep on for the next 100 years.