Report by America Bowl Winning Teams

On August 28th, the 2nd America Bowl winning teams gave a presentation about their training session in Washington D.C. The 2nd America Bowl, in the first place, is a quiz competition about American history and culture. 8 students from the top three teams, Keio High School, Kaisei High School, and Kaichi Mirai High School, were awarded a trip to the Washington, D.C. for a week.

This program is identified as the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ KAKEHASHI Project. They visited Embassy of Japan in the United States, Keidanren in D.C., Japan-America Society in D.C., and so on. Students gave us a talk about their experience in the United States. They shared what they found and learned during their visit, such as the difference between Japan and US. They also shared their ideas about how they want to apply what they learned from this experience to the future.