May Dialogue Program “Where is the US Heading to?”

On Monday May 28th, the America-Japan Society welcomed Dr. Gerald Curtis, the Professor Emeritus of Political Science at Columbia University to discuss U.S. politics under the title “Where is America Going to?” The dialog focused on mainly two issues: the North Korea–United States relations, and U.S. domestic politics.


Firstly, Dr. Curtis and President Fujisaki discussed about the US-North Korea dialog scheduled for June 12th. Dr. Curtis had optimistic viewpoints for the coming summit since he assumed that it would lead to some positive outcomes. He also valued Trump taking the opportunity. Dr. Curtis said the main point of this summit was not making an agreement or accomplishment of the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula, which would not be easily and quickly solved, but to figure out the beginning of the long term process for it. President Fujisaki had a pessimistic attitude towards the dialog being held, and he was concerned that President Trump taking a side of dictator might be poisonous for reelection. He said it was important to consider reelection for further terms in American politics.


The prospect of Trump politics was also brought up in the dialogue According to Dr. Curtis the reason for electing Trump was the desire for change, which should not be forgotten for the future of American society. To this point, President Fujisaki commented that since American politics behave like a pendulum, it is unpredictable but contractive where America is going.


The meeting was very timely, and participants asked many questions regarding U.S.-Japan relations.