History of US-Japan official relation                                              -Story of Mission visited US in 1860-

For the first monthly program in 2017 the America-Japan Society, the Society of Descendants of the First Japanese Embassy to the United States of America held the jointly lecture. The descendants who established the foundation of Japan’s diplomacy and friendship and professor Yokoyama were invited to deliver a lecture, and over 130 people participated. At the program site, valuable medals and related historical records were displayed, which were articles that were sent from President Buchanan to the First Japanese Embassy to the United States of America, and currently the descendants have possession of them. Following the opening greetings by America-Japan Society President Fujisaki and the descendant Mr. Muragaki, achievements of the Japanese Embassy group to the United States were explained intelligibly by Professor Yokoyama using Microsoft PowerPoint. During the explanation, he analyzed the reasons why the Japanese Embassy to the United States was dispatched from the political situation. There were other interesting stories how the Japanese Embassy to the United States spent their time in the United Sates. There were closing greetings by Mr. Tokugawa. It was a great opportunity for the participants to understand the history of the diplomacy between America and Japan, and also to recognize the importance of the relations between two nations.


Written by Intern