Dialogue with a Designer, Ms. Junko Koshino ~America/World and Me~

The AJS invited Ms. Junko Koshino for the September Lecture Program, held at the conference room of White & Case LLP on 25th September, 2019.

The audiences were intrigued and inspired by Ms. Koshino, one of the world-leading fashion designers herself, and her talk, which was mainly on both her private experiences and career achievements.

We were truly impressed with the stories of contributions she made for encouraging cultural exchanges through fashion; fifteen years of participation in the Paris Collection, for example, and numbers of other innovative fashion shows, such as ones at events celebrating the Kyoto-Paris relationship or the Japan-Vietnam relationship.

As she wrote in her autobiographical article in Nikkei, her enthusiastic spirit led us convince that the keys for her unapparelled originality and innovative creativity have simply lain in her extraordinary courage and power of action to tackle anything squarely and dauntlessly.