ANA Holdings Tokyo International Airport Maintenance Site Tour

A tour was held at the Tokyo International Airport ANA Maintenance Site by a kind arrangement of ANA Holdings Inc. which is a corporate member of our society. A short walk from the Tokyo Monorail “Shin Seibijo” station guided us to the site. Total of 18 student members and their guests participated.

First, a member of the ANA Jinzai University explained about their activities of the company. ANA’s Mission Statement, “Built on a foundation of security and trust, ‘the wings within ourselves’ help to fulfill the hopes and dreams of an interconnected world.” was enthusiastically explained. We were able to feel their love of the company and airplanes through the passionate presentation.After the introduction of the corporate, we took a tour to the maintenance site. There were chances to observe airplanes from unusual angles that couldn’t be observed normally, and chances to look inside the engines of the airplanes, which were irresistible for airplane lovers.

We received ANA memorial goods as a souvenir of the tour, and we were very satisfied with the program.Through this program, we were able to see the restless efforts being made to secure the safety of airplane, which were usually behind the scenes, and it was a very valuable experience.