American Studies Conference 2019

The American Studies Conference 2019 was held at the International House on October 4, 2019.
The AJS offers America Study Grant Program, supported by U.S. Embassy, on research and study about U.S. for Japanese graduate students. The conference was the opportunity for the recipient students working on American studies to present their research results. In the morning, Mr. Michael Turner, Culture and Sports Attaché of the U.S. Embassy gave an opening remarks and Mr. Christopher J. LaFleur, Vice President of the Japan-America Society, gave a lecture about the exchanges and efforts of Japan and the United States in culture and sports. The World Cup and the Tokyo Olympics 2020 was spotlighted in the QA session. In the afternoon, students presented their research. AJS members and students from Inter-University Center for Japanese Language Studies (IUC) raised some sharp questions and had lively discussions. Various and unique aspects such as politics, international, history, culture, literature, ethnicity, gender, etc. were presented. It is reaffirmed that this program should be sustained in the future so that those promising student researchers have an opportunity to visit the United State to build an academic bridge between Japan and America.