9th Next Generation Roundtable in Tokyo

2018.7.17 Tuesday

It was an honor to be a part of 9th NGRT and it was a great pleasure to hear from the guest speaker Dr. Magoshi and was able to connect with many of the attendees at the event. She started off by telling us her unique background and many of the culture shocks she encountered and how she has overcome them growing up as a returnee. She also touched on her research field of intercultural understanding and happiness and how Buddhism has influenced much of her life thus far. Then, within each table we shared some of the culture shocks in each person’s life and asked how he or she overcame them. Also, we discussed the meaning of happiness and reflected on when we are happy in life and debated whether religion can be a positive factor for intellectual understanding and happiness. After the roundtable discussion, a member from each table gave a brief report on what we talked about and the meeting was closed by Dr. Magoshi. There was enough time to give comments on each other’s ideas and get to know each other so we were able to create a good atmosphere to start conversations.


7月17日(火)六本木ヒルズクラブにて第9回 NGRT ミーティングが開催された。初めにスピーカーの桜美林大学教授で当協会会員でもある馬越先生が Intercultural Understanding and Happiness のトピックについて、彼女自身の海外経験を通し、日本で経験したカルチャーショックをどのように克服したかについてのお話頂いた。話題の中には、馬越先生の幸福に関する研究や、彼女が長年信じ続けてきた仏教がどれだけ人生に影響を与えてきたかなどの興味深いお話を聞くことができた。後半は各テーブルで、カルチャーショックの経験、幸福の意味、宗教と異文化理解の繋がりなどの話題について話し合った。テーブル内で意見を述べたり、会話をしたりする機会が多くあり、お互いを知り合うことができてとても良い雰囲気だった。