On the Result of the US Presidential Election by President Ichiro Fujisaki

At last, the long, long election process has come to an end.
Vice President Biden’s speech was strong and reassuring. As President Trump has not conceded, it may take some more time to settle everything but the outcome is more or less clear now. This result was brought by the way President Trump dealt with the COVID 19 and also by the President’s behaviour in general. It is to be noted that the United States is a country that could go one way for some time but would come back just like a pendulum.
The Biden Administration will try to re-establish the United States as the world leader and will place importance on its relations with its allies. It will conduct its foreign policy as a team and thus its predictability will increase.
The election result was a far closer race than was predicted by major media or pollsters. President Trump’s attacks on illegal immigrants, political correctness or on consideration for the minorities have been applauded by some. Also, he often claimed that the United States has been bearing a bigger, heavier burden than other countries. We should not forget that a leader who has been taking such positions has been supported by nearly half of Americans and especially by those in rural areas.
I have met Mr. Biden a number of times. He impressed me with his frank and warm personality. He contributed to the Obama Administration utilizing his long-established network in the Congress as well as many acquaintances internationally. He was known as a leader who never hesitated to speak his own mind and President Obama was said to have appreciated such advice. The Vice President
cherished long-lasting friendship with Senator Daniel Inouye, the most senior Japanese- American politician.
The Biden Administration may review policies towards China. But it will most certainly regard US relations with Japan as a cornerstone in the Indo-Pacific region. This is because in order for the US to continue to compete with Russia and China, the importance of a steadfast ally like Japan will not diminish. There is a shared understanding and affinity between the two peoples as well. Activities of organizations like America Japan Societies are to foster friendship between the two peoples like a built-in- stabilizer. We will continue our best to cultivate further friendship between the two peoples.
We would like to congratulate American friends, thank President Trump, and warmly welcome next President Biden and next Vice President Harris.


Ichiro Fujisaki, President of the America-Japan Society, Inc.