Ms. Jean Tsuchiya passed away

We have just learned the sad news that Ms. Jean Tsuchiya passed away.

Ms. Tsuchiya was a great lady. She was a firm believer in the relations between Japan and the United States. She not only believed in them. She contributed to enhancing the relations through cultural and other exchanges. She promoted friendship relations between Nagoya and Los Angeles.

Two things should be emphasized. First, she started her activities more than 60 years ago when the feelings of people in the two countries still had some edges. Second, she quietly but steadily devoted herself to her activities. She was always there but not up on the podium. She was always working in the back of the scene giving wise counsels.

Last year, when the America-Japan Society of Tokyo had the centennial celebration, we established Kaneko Kentato Award named after our first president. This was to recognize Japanese and American citizens who have long contributed to friendship between two peoples at grassroots level. She was chosen as one of the first two recipients of this award. She was exactly the role model for young people which the Award was established to recognize. We were grateful to Japan America Society of Southern California for recommending the very appropriate candidate. She herself was not able to attend the awarding ceremony but her nephew and his wife Mr. and Mrs. Ino were able to come all the way to receive the award in lieu of her.

We would like to join all of you to celebrate her respectable life surrounded by lots of love. She will be greatly missed but will be long remembered. We pray so that now her soul would now rest peacefully in heaven. So long Jean-san,


Ichiro Fujisaki

President, the America-Japan Society Inc.