Former Prime Minister Abe Shinzo becomes Honorary President of AJS

The America-Japan Society, Inc. is pleased to announce that its Board of Directors has appointed former Prime Minister Abe Shinzo as Honorary President.

Mr Abe has close relations with the United States, having studied in the US. During the longest tenure as Prime Minister of Japan in history, he maintained and developed a strong alliance with the United States through his friendly relations with former President Barak Obama and President Donald Trump. In the past, Mr Abe’s grandfather, former Prime Minister Kishi Nobusuke, was the Society’s sixth president (1968-1984).

The Society believes that Mr Abe’s inauguration as Honorary President will greatly contribute to further enhancement of the US-Japan relationship.


<Message from Honorary President Abe Shinzo>

“I am pleased to be appointed as Honorary President of the America-Japan Society, Inc. My first encounter with the United States of America goes back to my days as a student when I spent time in California. I was strongly impressed by the diversity and the meritocracy of US society. The US still attracts many people from around the world as the Land of Opportunity.

The Japan-US alliance is now the foundation for peace and prosperity not merely between our two countries, but also in the Indo-Pacific region and in the world. I, as Prime Minister, introduced the Peace and Security Legislation to strengthen the US-Japan alliance. In order to elevate the relationship to an ‘alliance of hope,’ it is imperative to enhance people-to-people exchanges at the grassroots level. My grandfather, Kishi Nobusuke, was the sixth President of the America-Japan Society after he retired as prime minister, and he contributed to the Society to promote people-to-people exchanges between the two countries. Following in his steps, I am delighted to accept appointment as Honorary President of the America-Japan Society, and I look forward to seeing the members.”


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